Reef eCards

Give a meaningful gift that helps the Great Barrier Reef
Beautiful hand-illustrated designs all kindly donated by Australian artist,  Fleur Harris

Restore a Reef Wildlife Sanctuary

Help restore a critical Reef wildlife sanctuary on the reef. 

Home to thousands of species of marine life, our Great Barrier Reef is one of the largest wildlife sanctuaries in the world. 

It’s a haven where corals and other animals can flourish, and it’s critical to the survival of endangered species like turtles, dolphins, dugongs and whales. 

Using cutting edge, in-water technology, we can create the conditions to help reverse biodiversity loss, helping to bring back marine life to areas of damaged reef.    

When purchasing a Reef Wildlife Sanctuary eCard you will support: 

  • Restoring Seagrass meadows by collecting seagrass seeds and propagating them to regenerate hectares of damaged meadows and secure this critical source of food and shelter. 
  • Rebuilding damaged areas of reef by planting coral fragments and using pioneering technology, Coral IVF 
  • Protecting the feeding, resting and breeding grounds that are so critical to the survival of turtles, dugongs, dolphins and whales, as well as countless other marine species. 

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