Reef eCards

Give a meaningful gift that helps the Great Barrier Reef
Beautiful hand-illustrated designs all kindly donated by Australian artist,  Fleur Harris

Plant a Coral

The future of the Great Barrier Reef is in our hands 

Our planet needs healthy oceans to survive and healthy oceans need healthy reefs. Corals are one of the most vulnerable species on the planet due to rising water temperatures. 

When purchasing a Plant a Coral eCard, you will enable: 

  • Targeted action – we’re safeguarding precious pockets of biodiversity by targeting coral restoration on reefs that are best networked to have flow-on benefits to nearby reefs.  
  • Nature-based solutions – Coral IVF delivers greater volumes of coral larvae onto reefs. It’s a massive helping hand for nature, boosting the number of coral babies that survive to adulthood.  
  • Cutting-edge research on how to breed and outplant heat-tolerant corals to ensure reefs can withstand rising water temperatures due to climate change. 
  • Impact at scale – you’re contributing to the huge number of corals we need to plant on the Reef to have meaningful future impact.   

We need to buy our Reef time while we rapidly reduce emissions. We need to give it every chance of survival, to help it fight back. 

Learn more about how you plant corals