Black Friday Fund-Raising: Break Tradition, Not The Planet

By OTTWAY The Label

This Black Friday... Let's Break Tradition, Not The Planet

Let's see Black Friday as an opportunity to do good and make the most of our consumer power to make a difference. 

OTTWAY, together with our friends of MAHLOE, will be donating $5 from every order until Black Friday to The Great Barrier Reef Foundation with the opportunity for you to match this contribution.

The facts are clear – Coral reefs are the beating hearts of our oceans and are on the front line of climate change and a challenge we must all tackle together.

We truly believe the only way to the future is by putting the Earth first. The magnitude of waste from sales & devaluing consumables has a dramatic impact on our planet.

No Sales = More Impact


The Great Barrier Reef is one of the most spectacular icons of the natural world with rich and complex natural ecosystems. It’s home to thousands of species of marine life including fish, dolphins, and six of the world’s seven species of marine turtles. 

The accumulated impacts of climate change, poor water quality and crown of thorns starfish outbreaks are having a dramatic and dire effect on the state of our Reef.  

We need to intervene at scale and at pace before it becomes too late to act with hope of saving them. 

TOGETHER, we create a change

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Monday 06th November 00:00
to Monday 27th November 23:00

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