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You can help plant corals to rejuvenate degraded reefs and bring back wildlife to critical habitats.

If we don't act now, the Reef does not stand a chance to recover on its own. Healthy coral reefs could vanish from Earth in our lifetime.

Corals are one of the most vulnerable species on the planet due to rising water temperatures.

Coral reefs need our help.

Working together we can start restoring the Great Barrier Reef by planting corals at degraded sites.

Help create a better future for the Great Barrier Reef, join the annual Plant a Coral appeal, donate today

Why plant corals?

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Our planet needs healthy oceans to survive and healthy oceans need healthy reefs. Our oceans provide 50% of the world's oxygen, their coral reefs support 25% of all marine life and coastal blue carbon ecosystems store carbon dioxide 30-50 times faster than rainforests.

We need to buy our Reef time while we rapidly reduce emissions. We need to give it every chance of survival, to help it fight back.

When you plant corals you enable; 

  1. Targeted action – safeguarding precious pockets of biodiversity by targeting coral restoration on reefs that are best networked to have flow-on benefits to nearby reefs. 
  2. Nature-based solutions – Coral IVF delivers greater volumes of coral larvae onto reefs. It’s a massive helping hand for nature, boosting the number of coral babies that survive to adulthood. 
  3. Impact at scale – when you and others donate, we can increase the number of corals we’re planting on the Reef.  

We are also researching how to breed and outplant heat-tolerant corals to ensure reefs can withstand rising water temperatures due to climate change.

Where will corals be planted?

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When you give today, you will help plant corals on priority areas of the Reef that have suffered damage.

There are six sites that have been identified as critical to local ecosystems. These reefs are in the Whitsundays and off the coast of Townsville and Cairns. Your support will help us plant corals across several degraded sites.

How are corals planted?

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Coral IVF helps accelerate the natural coral reproductive process. During annual coral spawning, millions of tiny coral eggs and sperm from healthy reefs are collected in specially-designed floating larvae pools. The coral larvae are reared in the pools, then the ‘babies’ are delivered onto damaged reefs so they can be restored.

Early indications show that Coral IVF increases the volume of coral babies settling on the Reef. It accelerates and amplifies nature’s work, buying the coral time while we rapidly reduce emissions.

Another way the Foundation is working to restore the Reef is with a method called coral gardening. Broken coral fragments are collected and grown in underwater nurseries, then planted onto damaged areas of the Reef to restore and repopulate them. We are also researching how to breed and outplant heat-tolerant corals to ensure reefs can withstand rising water temperatures due to climate change.

The situation is urgent, but now is not the time to lose hope. You can help restore the Reef with corals if you donate today. 

Your gift will not only help with this incredible project, but it will also help in many other ways. We work across a number of projects for the Reef, and your kindness makes it possible for us to support them all.

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Therefore, donations of $2 or more to the foundation in Australia are fully tax deductible. Donate to Great Barrier Reef Foundation Australia here.

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